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Residential Renovations FAQ

What is the service area for Residential Renovations?
Residential Renovations is proud to serve Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan predominently, however if you are with 90 miles of Toledo, Ohio you still might be in our service area. Please call us at (419) 691-3300 for more information today!
What does it mean to be an EXTERIOR HOME REMODELER?
As an exterior home remodeler we focus our remodeling services around the exterior of a residential home, which includes: roofing, siding, windows, decks, gutters, gutter protection and insulation. In some cases where there is cross over interior home remodeling services we have the experienced installers to complete and will consider on a job to job basis with an estimate for your consideration.
Can Residential Renovations install a metal roof over my existing homes asphalt roof?
Yes, in most cases Residential Renovations can install a metal roof over an asphalt roof without any worry of weight. Metal roofs are actually lighter than asphalt roofs and code allows 2 roof layers before a complete roof tear-off is required by the local code. Our professionals will let you know during the estimate what your options are for your home.
Is a metal roof really more expensive than a residential roof that has an asphalt roof installed?
Actually no, when you consider the long-term energy and insurance savings each year, the lack of replacement need and the lack of maintenance requirement over time a metal roof will actually costs less over time.
Are your installers employees or subs and are they manufacture trained?
Residential Renovations utilizes a set of certified professional contractors. They are not employees, however we closely manage all jobs with the same certified installers job after job. Each of our contractors has been certified with our manufacturers, whether it is roofing, siding or windows.
Before hiring you can we have a list of references from previous home remodleing customers?
Absolutely! However, you do not have to wait, click here and read a few of the testimonials from some of our past residential home owners or watch a very enlightening video testimonial give about Residential Renovations!
I hear your pricing is lower than most - how is that?
At Residential Renovations we try to keep our overhead low so we can pass our savings along to you the homeowner. Plus, we always include you in the choice of materials to help control the cost as well. We firmly believe an educated home owner is better for long term relationships than one that is not and is over sold by a slick sales pitch. We want your trust and more importantly – your referral!
What does it mean to be ALL about Price - Choice and Quality?
At Residential Renovations we try to keep your options open in all areas beginning with your budget. Most home remodelers offer one product and one choice with a Good, Better, Best presentation. We actually go farther by offering several products which feature different options to meet your needs rather than a sales quota! We are all about you being in the driver’s seet and that is why we are well known for our motto – Price! Choice! and Quality! when it comes to exterior home remodeling.
Are you a member of the BBB?
Yes! Residential Renovations is a member of the BBB. Currently we are an accredited business member with an A+ rating. We take our rating seriously at the BBB and other resources as well by maintaining good relationships with our clients and even when their might be an issue arising we communicate to remedy to the clients expectation level. Check out our testimonials if you are curious to learn more by clicking here now.
I am ready for an estimate. What now?
Please call us at (419) 691-3300 for more information today or submit the form to the right and we will return your request!

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